The Heritage Circle

University of Jamestown College
Heritage Circle is a special group of alumni and friends who have made a commitment to the University of Jamestown in their estate plans, including Charitable Gift Annuities, bequests, life insurance, trusts and beneficiary designated gifts. We invite you to join this distinguished group of supporters by becoming a member of the Heritage Circle.

For detailed information or a personalized illustration, please contact Bill Robb at (701) 252-3467 ext 5573 or

As of 6/30/2014
* indicates deceased


Dale and Ruth Baumgartner I, II
Bruce Berg
Manny* and Patricia Buzzell I, II, III
Eugene* and Margaret DeLange
Dr. Vernon J. and Darlene Feil
Dr. Merle Foss
Arlene Gran
Ruth Gray
Calvin Greatsinger
Dr. Thomas and Lorraine Hamilton
Wesley Hart
Dorothea Hegbar I, II
Kay and Sadie Jenkins
Ronald and Susan Johnson
Wendell* and Elizabeth Josal I, II, III
Russell* and Leora Kellogg
Larry and Kelly Krein
Adrian Lawler I, II
Mark and June Lehr
Wally and Nancy* Lodine
Dr. Steven C. Maier
Dr. Wilfred "Finny" and Stella Martin I, II, III
William* and Dolores McGarvey
Eleanor Meier
Ellen Meier
Violet (Tarnasky) Ova I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX
J. Spencer* and Ruth Overholser I, II
Muriel Peterson
Robert and Norma Richardson
Patricia Ryberg
Florence Scherbenske
Jean B. and Harold W. Scott I, II, III, IV
Martha Squires
Norene Strid
James and Luella Traiser
Chester Vaught*
Robert* and Enid Wells
Juel Wiese I, II
Donna (Moore) Young

Estate Commitments

Carolynn Anderson and William Reedy
Mary Baird
Wendy Banister and Amber Fredrickson
James and Patricia Beech
Charlotte Bellon
Alvera Bergquist
Jane Bonner
Nan Borg
Patrick and JoAnn Braunagel
Dennis Brennan
Manny* and Patricia Buzzell
Phyllis Christie
Dr. James Conger
Joe Debode
Linda L. Engberg
Drs. Merle and Peggy Foss
Jeffrey and Janet Frommelt
Bruce and Lorraine Furness
Dennis Gienger
Agnes Griffin*
William Gussner
Wesley Hart
Anne Haugaard*
Dorothea Hegbar
James and Bonnie Hild
Dr. Roy and Gail Holand
Marcia Houtz
C. Louise Johnson
William Joos
Odell and Marjorie Krohn
Adrian Lawler
Yun Ho* and Soon Jha Lee
Leonard Lund
Jo Lusk
LaVonne Mahugh
James E. and Modean McCullough
Wayne McKirdy
Bonnie McLellan
Dorothy Moshier
Ross Mushik
Anne Nelson
Lynn Nelson-Paretta
William Parker
Jim Nowatzki
Dr. Anne Oppegard
Muriel Peterson
Rev. and Mrs. Richard Poppen
D. Clark Potter
Joan Redmann
Marilynn Read
Rose Mary Reiland*
J. Thomas Rulon, MD
Robert and Myrna* Sarbaum
David A. Schauer
Elmer and Bonnie* Schindel
Jerry and Julie Schock
Marvin and Helen Seibold
Dr. Daniel Sillers
Wes Skow
Carol Stoudt
Dr. Hazel Stroth
Susan Talley-Johnson
Sandra Thiel
Mary Tyler and Peter Mann
B. Clarke and Patricia Vestal
Lois Vogel*
Dr. & Mrs. James S. Walker
Donald F. Wanner Jr.
Juel Wiese
Donna (Moore) Young


Pamela Burkhardt
Dr. Lloyd* and Gloria Carlson
Dr. Peggy Foss
Angeline Holdaway
Nathan and Katie Peine
H. George Schuler
Marvin and Helen Seibold


Dr. Donald and Sharon Caine
Leslie M.* and Loretta E. Ericson
Chester Foresman*
Dr. James Frey*
Bruce and Lorraine Furness
Arlene Gran
Ada Haroldson*
William* and Marguerite* Huey
Dr. Duane Hyde
Mark and June Lehr
Thomas and Kathleen Muscatell
Edward and Elaine Nafus
Robert and Eleanor Olson
Violet Tarnasky Ova
Allen Pepple*
Ralph Rothstein*
Norman and Lynn Schindler
Marvin and Luella* Snyder
Robert and Claudia Stewart
Richard* and Honey Bee Stoudt
Gordon Weber*

Anonymous Legacy Gifts and Donors' States of Residence

1. Bequest - North Dakota
2. Bequest - Oregon
3. Bequest - Florida
4. Bequest - Florida
5. Insurance Trust - California
6. Bequest - Texas
7. Bequest - Oregon
8. Bequest - Arizona
9. Trust - Pennsylvania
10. Bequest - North Dakota
11. Bequest - Arizona
12. Bequest - Nebraska
13. Insurance - Montana